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Fitness - Kettlebell Workout

You all know I love my dumbbells, but kettlebells are another one of my favorite workout tools. It can help with strength training and improved grip strength. I love these from because they are great quality products at an affordable price.


When using a kettlebell be sure that:

- Feet: shoulder-width apart and positioning straight ahead

- Knees: in line with the second and third toes

- Hips: level with lumbar spine in neutral position

- Shoulders: depressed and slightly retracted

- Head: cervical spine in neutral position (chin tucked)

Here are a few of my favorite moves.


Kettlebell Swing: 

This is a great conditioning exercise. Push your pelvis back. Grab kettlebell with two hands and pull it in like you’re hiking a football, all the way flush to your body and stand up, pushing your pelvis forward. Try to avoid any motion through the wrist. 

Kettlebell Clean: 

Push your pelvis back. Grab kettlebell with one hand and begin a back swing from in between your legs. You can also use the opposite arm to create a complimentary swing if you chose. As soon as the kettlebell passes your bellybutton, gently pull it back and slide your fist around and under the bell so it rests softly against the back of your wrist. 

Kettlebell Overhead Press:

This is a great continuation from the kettlebell clean. Once the kettlebell reaches your shoulder in the clean position, tighten your core and extend that arm with the kettlebell over your head and bring it back down. 

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