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From elementary through high school sports to running the New York City Marathon, Lisa has always lived an active lifestyle. As she started a family, she realized it became more difficult to find the time to stay fit in between hustling to and from work, school pickup, extra curricular activities for her 2 kids, and getting dinner on the table. 


My approach to fitness is about maximizing your time with 30-40 minute low impact workouts that you can do from the comfort of your home or on the go. 

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As a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, Lisa found the answer to her dilemma with 30-40 minute workouts that she could do from the convenience of her home or on the go. People noticed her results and started to ask questions. It was then that she decided to create a private online support group, which has become a home for her fit family to stay accountable and in the proper mindset, while receiving daily workout and nutrition tips, recipes and more. Members of all fitness levels enjoy her challenges, in person meet-ups and social events.


As Lisa moved into her prime she learned to adjust her workouts to include more low-impact strength exercises with increased stretching for her aching joints. Her latest program, FITNESS FORWARD, is a 4-week journey developed to help you age gracefully. 

If you would like to find out more about FITNESS FORWARD and join her growing team, click here.


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Mary Ellen:

“What I learned in the past two years was you have to set up the right mentality for yourself if you want to achieve success. For me, it was no more excuses and learning to eat right. Since my Coach, Lisa Mateo, took me under her wing in January 2016 and taught me that this is a lifestyle, a continuous journey of health and well being, I’ve worked hard. I have lost 35 lbs. and am in the best shape of my life at 63 years old.”


“I was in a dark place feeling ugly, over weight not caring what I ate. I was 212 lbs. until I met Lisa Mateo. Herprogram and private group saved my life…my journey is dedicated to my children and grandchildren. I want to be there for them for a long time, so I took control of my life. Now at 155 lbs.I feel so good. My journey continues, never looking back.”


“Since I met Lisa, she has guided me to reach my goals of losing weight with a combination of eating healthy and exercising. As a result of these lifestyle changes, my husband's diabetes has been under control. His medication has been lowered and he doesn't have to take one of his meds anymore. This has also impacted the rest of our family, including our son, who saw the results and initiated his own change, to the successful tune of losing lost 50 lbs! The private group challenges, amongst some of the other things Lisa organizes, has kept our family focused on encouraging one other and the members of the group to keep going! 

Thank you Lisa!”

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