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Lisa Mateo



Lisa Mateo is a New York born and raised, Emmy® Nominated reporter, anchor and TV Host, whose voice is heard coast to coast. For nearly 20 years she balanced a grueling on-air lifestyle of long hours, high pressure and little sleep, yet was still able to smile, focus and stay on her “A” game, while raising a family. How, you ask? By living a healthy lifestyle. 

It wasn’t easy and took years of trial and error, but Lisa is ready to save you the time and frustration. As a wellness mentor, certified nutrition coach, personal trainer, and creator of the 4-week low impact strength program FITNESS FORWARD, Lisa will guide you through the steps she took to shed 50 pounds, maintain it for more than 15 years, and conquer the mental hurdles from her past that were holding her back. 

The journey will require hard work and dedication, but with Lisa as your guide you are placing yourself on the path to getting the most out of your day, and ultimately living your best life physically and mentally. 




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