From behind the camera at the dinner table, to the streets of New York City, Lisa brings her own unique twist of story telling to each setting.


It’s a passion that has grown from childhood journal entries and articles in her high school and college newspapers, to her New York Emmy Award nominated work as a reporter and anchor for WPIX and host of Celebrity Taste Makers, a television series where the stars open up over their favorite meal.


Lisa has also expanded her experience on the national stage as a reporter for CBS News Newspath and anchor for CBS News Radio Network. 

Lisa's versatility and 20 years broadcast experience, allows her to easily transition between news, features, lifestyle and health & wellness.

At the same time, her bright personality shines through the screen, making her guests feel comfortable, sometimes forgetting the cameras are even there.


Lisa’s talent also extends behind the lens as a writer, producer, and executive producer of a number of 1/2 hour travel specials. 

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