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Fitness - Speed & Agility

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Speed training puts your muscles through a fuller range of motion, improving flexibility and muscle balance. Agility training improves flexibility, balance, and control. It helps the body to maintain proper alignment and posture during movement.

Trying out some basic speed & agility moves for faster footwork with this new ladder thanks to ProsourceFit. I folded it in half to fit it inside my home, but can’t wait to unleash the whole ladder outside. My kids do these drills too!


FORWARD STEP: One step in each box moving forward. Step over each rung as quick as possible and keep your arms pumping at your sides.


SIDE STEP: One step in each box moving to the side. Push off with your back foot but do not reach with your front foot. Arms pumping at your sides.


STRADDLE HOP: Move forward down the ladder touching in and out of each rung with both feet (Both feet in the box, both feet outside of the box, moving down to the next box).


IN & OUT: Face the ladder, stepping in with both feet. The lead foot going in first stepping out with the lead foot and moving down the ladder stepping in and out of each box with both feet. Arms pumping at your sides.

For more on the ProsourceFit speed and agility ladder, click the link below.


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