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Fitness - How to Turn Your Basement Into a Home Gym

You don’t have to spend a fortune to turn that dark and damp waste of space in your basement into your own home gym. A little decluttering, fresh coat of paint and quality products at an affordable price will turn drab into fab!

Thanks to my affiliation with ProsourceFit my transformation is a success! The biggest question was where to start!

BEFORE - A dark, damp, junk room.

Step 1: Declutter & Organize

Grab a bunch of heavy duty trash bags and get busy. If I didn’t miss it, toss it, or set it in another pile to donate. I had so much junk that I had to rent a dumpster (even emptied out some of the clutter in my garage too!).

Buy a couple of plastic bins, cardboard boxes or decorative stacking boxes and organize the things you plan to keep. Add a few shelves around the wall to place the boxes to leave space for your home gym equipment. Maximize your space!

Step 2: Make It Shine

The first problem with most basements is mildew. If you have concrete walls like mine, you’ll need to scrub them with a bleach and water mixture. Once it dries, paint it with a white water sealant to keep out the moisture and brighten up the room. If you have concrete floors like me, a fresh coat of regular paint will brighten them up as well.  The brighter the room, the more inviting it will be for you to workout in!

Step 3: Map It Out

Now that you have your space clean and empty, take some measurements of the available space and map it out. In my case, the room was 13 ft x 14 ft 6 inches, but with the furnace and water heater I lost about 4 ft x 7 ft. Then I measured all of the equipment I already had. While going through the clutter, believe it or not, I found an old weight bench and weights from years ago, that I thought my husband had given away. Bonus! Then he picked up a used elliptical machine for $75 on Facebook marketplace. 

These no-slip exercise puzzle mats from ProsourceFit come in 1”, 3/4” or 1/2” options. Six connecting jigsaw pieces cover 24 square feet.

Once your map is complete you’ll need to look into flooring. I knew if I was going to be using weights and doing plyo exercises, concrete floors would not cut it. I found the best bang for my buck at ProsourceFit. Their no-slip Exercise Puzzle Mats are easy to install and clean, and provide just the right amount of cushion with 1”, 3/4” or 1/2” options. Six connecting jigsaw pieces cover 24 square feet. I used 5 sets to cover a 10 ft x 10 ft space. They easily lock in together just like a puzzle and include edge pieces for a clean look. For extra cushion for ab work, the extra thick 1/2” yoga and Pilates mat was a nice addition. It even came with a free yoga mat sling so I can take it on the go!

Step 4: Revive the Old

Try and save money where you can buy reviving your older, rusted out free weights.

Here’s a great trick:

  • Use a wire brush to remove any visible rust.

  • Soak them for 24 hours in a 50% vinegar and 50% water solution.

  • Use the wire brush once again, then rinse and towel dry the weights.

  • Use a silver (or whatever color you like) Rust-oleum spray…and good as new!

Step 5: Stepping into the New

If you still need to add a few more weights to your arsenal, but don’t want to spend a fortune, ProsourceFit has the price point and quality to match. Their Neoprene Dumbbells have a soft, comfortable grip that prevent me from getting callouses. To change up my routine I added their kettlebells as well. I chose the vinyl coated ones to add a pop of color to the room. 

If you’re limited on space and on a tight budget, there are a few great alternatives that will work just as well:

  • Tube resistance bands

  • Resistance loop bands

  • Tread slam medicine ball

  • Core Sliders

  • Core balance disc

And don’t forget about recovery. I can’t stress how important it is to use a roller for your muscles. I chose the 2-in-1 HEXA massage roller to work on my hip flexors. The ProsourceFit foam rollers are a great option as well.

Step 7: Add Some Inspiration

Motivational messages are a great way to remind you of why you started your journey in the first place, so why not place them around your gym walls. And don’t shy away from celebrating your successes with pride. I framed my New York City Marathon medal and bib to remind me of what I am capable of when I think about quitting.

Decorate the room with some of your greatest achievements to remind you what you are capable of accomplishing.

I still have a way to go, by adding better lighting, some more sheetrock and mirrors, but right now it’s just what I need. My own stress free space where I don’t have to wait in line for equipment, and can blast my music while I enjoy a great workout on my time.  Check out the transformation pic and video below!

AFTER - My own private escape.

If you would like any of the ProsourceFit equipment mentioned above, click the link below to get 15% off your first order! 

They offer a lifetime warranty, a 30-day money back guarantee and FREE shipping on orders over $49!

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